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How do we help you to save on transport costs?

Have you tried everything to save costs?

In the morning, on your way to work, you think about how on earth you can reduce your costs. You already looked in every corner possible. Still, there has to be a way! … The profit is under pressure for some time now. Maybe a feeling of frustration starts to rise. It seems impossible to stretch the margin. How are other companies doing this? You know there is room for improvement in your transport flow. But where?

“ I could hire more staff to try to make a saving on transport, but then I will even have more costs!”

“ Or hire a consultant, but then again, more costs and no guarantees”

We believe in zero-waste through tailored transport.

We get you, it is quite hard to make it work. But what if there is a way to do so. One which only reduces costs, and pays itself back?

This other way is without any fixed costs but with guarantees. It’s the Apelles way. A zero-waste policy for every company. Finding the perfect fitting logistics flow for your company automatically means reducing waste. Waste in time, money and kilometres & pollution. And less waste means fewer expenses. A cost-saving from 8 up to 12% ís doable. But you do need to know where to look and how to do it.


Wrongly organised transports can cost extra staff.


8 – 12% is the normal waste amount in SME. Loss of pure profit.


A 15% reduction in ‘empty kilometres’ is easily doable. Trucks have an average optimization of only 53%.

Is your company looking for a serious cost reduction? Curious about what we can do for you?

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Our 3-step service

Apelles is specialized in optimizing your transport flow to grow profit and reduce waste. We do this by bringing in a new perspective on your transport structure. Analyzing in-depth the actual and historical data, finding the right flows for your company and searching for the best fit in economic providers.

Step 1.      Transport flow analysis
Step 2.      Improvement proposal
Step 3.      Implementation

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