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How do we help you to save on transport costs?

Saving through optimisation

After 30 years of gathering knowhow in transport/logistics we now have started APELLES. The goal is to help companies save on their transport costs. In a lot of cases companies do not have an optimum setup regarding transport and therefor too high costs. You cannot expect that every company has extended knowledge regarding transport. Remember that ‘Apelles’ said; “Stick to what you know!”

How does it work?

In a short meeting (or Videoconference) we talk about your transports. After that we analyze your historical and future data and we propose concrete saving possibilities.

And after that?

Then we will implement all the improvements approved by you. We agree terms with new or existing providers. You don’t have to do anything.

What are my costs at the end?

Zero! The cost will be paid through the obtained savings, so it is not an actual cost. We only ask to share a small part of the savings for a little while. The new “saved-money“ will pay for it. And… no savings for you means NO COSTS for you. A truly transparent No-Cure No-Pay concept.

So my investment is really zero?

Yes, we only ask for an hour of your time and a cup of coffee so we can start saving.

Well, I would like to try it. What should I do?

Simple! Just leave your email address or phone number and we will contact you today.

Make an appointment and start saving!